Rockwell Blades 1st Impressions:

In today's shave, I used Rockwell blades in the doc and they seem a little too mild for me in the doc. But they were super smooth and comfortable to use:

They're dirt cheap at only $10.00 dollars for a 100 pack of blades. They're made from Swedish stainless steel which is some of the best steel you can get. During the first past, not much of my beard was getting removed and there was no tugging or pulling and I couldn't feel the blade at all in the doc. The second pass removed more of my beard but was still comfortable. The 3rd and final pass pretty much finished the shave off. If these blades were a touch sharper I would buy a bulk pack of them. They're just a bit too mild for my liking. I don't expect to get more than 2 shaves out of these blades. I will see how they perform in the DE 89.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

This brush has just became my all time favorite shave brush  in my entire collection. The lather this beast builds is unreal and since it&#...