Polsilvers & The Doc, Final Thoughts:

Well it's official, these Polsilver DE blades are awesome in the Doc. I got 3 multi pass shaves out of 1 of these blades and all of them were extremely comfortable. The only way I could tell that it was time to switch out the blade was when I was looking at a possible 4th pass which I didn't make with today's shave. But I could have gotten another shave out of it:

So when I get a chance, I will pick up bulk pack of these Polsilvers. They're extremely comfortable blades. Straight Razor Designs has a few things I want but it'll have to wait some because I'm on an extremely tight budget at the moment and can't buy much. Rockwell DE blades are up next and I'm already somewhat impressed with them:

^ They're dirt cheap for one at only $10 U.S. Dollars for a 100 pack. The 2nd thing I noticed is that they're made from Swedish stainless steel which is one of the best quality steels you can get. The shave will determine whether or not these get added to the rotation.

American Blend & The Shield:

Today's shave was great. Today I went with Fine Accoutrements  and their American Blend  scented soap. The scent is supposed to be thei...