Polsilvers & The DE 89 Final Thoughts:

Well I am sold on these Polsilver DE blades. Today's shave was the 3rd one on this blade in the Edwin Jagger DE 89 and I can easily get at least 2 more shaves out of this blade. But I will be calling it quits after the next shave. These are one of the most comfortable blades I've ever used in the DE 89 and that says a lot. These are smoother than the Astra greens and the Perma-Sharps, but are just a shade below them in terms of sharpness:

^ They went through my wiry stubble with no issues. And usually about the 3rd shave in I'm looking at switching blades out but not with these. They have the same longevity as the Astra greens:

The Rockwell blades are up next but it will be a day or 2 before I begin with them in the DE 89 which will have different results than the doc will.

Mountain Man & The German 37:

Today's shave was fantastic. After a nice hot shower, I went with Stirling Soaps  and their "Mountain Man"  scented soap whic...