Le Petit Chypre & The Doc:

Today's shave was great. I got a bit of a late start this morning, so this ended up being an early afternoon shave. Barrister & Mann should be in everyone's shaving arsenal in my humble opinion. I went with their Le Petit Chypre scented soap and matching aftershave which has a nice warm, woodsy and earthy type scent and the aftershave has a very nice soothing effect:

Since I used Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement's double open comb razor with a fresh Feather DE blade, I got a squeaky clean type post shave in 3 passes. Now I did have to go back and touch up the area to right of the bottom of chin which seems to be a bit of a problem area for me as of late and it seems to be getting worse. I have NOT ruled out starting a straight razor honing service. It's just on hold on a temporary basis until I can get another honing stone which will be a Shapton 12K and if I can swing it, an Arkansas Surgical Black oil stone will be added to my honing arsenal. My friend said that the edge I put on his Gold Dollar 66 was perfect and that it was just a shade under being close to his DE safety razor. And I only went as high as a Norton 8K, so a 12K stone will be great. I'm hoping I win this contest that TomoNagura is having.

Ike & The Doc:

Today's shave was extremely nice & refreshing. Today I went with Strike Gold Shave  & their fabulous "Ike"  scented s...