Renewal & The Mach 3:

This morning's shave was great. Today I went with my RazoRock Plissoft 24 mm synthetic and Soap Commander's "Renewal" scented soap which has an incredible floral fougere' scent to it. And to finish off this shave, I went with a nice healthy dose of Brut followed by Soap Commander's Renewal aftershave balm:

The Mach 3 was great and so far it's still going strong with no tugging or pulling. I got another ice rink post shave feel in just 3 passes. I've done forgotten how many shaves I've got on both this Mach 3 blade and my Proshield blade that I'm currently using. So with stropping and re honing involved, there's no way to tell at how many shaves I can get on a blade before having to switching them out.

Retiring The Track 2:

This will be breaking a lot of people's hearts, but I'm retiring my 1970 Gillette Track 2  to my collection and will no longer be u...