Why Cartridge Razors?

Okay time to explain things to the wet shaving community. About 2 days ago, a couple of my friends on both Twitter & Instagram asked me "Why No straight razor or DE ?" At the time I didn't want to reveal anymore than I have to but now I have no choice in the matter. My first reason is health related. My skin reacts very badly with ANY of my DE, SE or straight razors shown below. Almost to the point where I can't shave period. This reaction doesn't occur with a cartridge razor. In fact it clears up once I use cartridge razor. My other reason is to show people who use cartridge razors is that you can use them in a traditional wet shaving routine that involves a soap & brush and that you can re hone and strop them to extend the life of the cartridge & disposable razors:

As you can see below, I already have a rash developing which doesn't happen if I use cartridge razors. I've already shaved with every soap in collection with a cartridge razor and no reaction ever occured when I used a cartridge razor which means that it can only be one thing causing this and that is my SE, DE & straight razors:

Basically what that means is that I will be going to cartridge razors on a permanent basis due to various health reasons. This decision also comes sooner rather than later. Unfortunately for me, Heart Disease runs in the family specifically on my dad's side. In fact my dad is just about the only male to make it past 60 years of age on his side of the family because of it. Plus all them including my dad ended up on various forms of medication including blood thinners which meant electric razors for them. Even though I watch what I eat & drink these days and I do get checked out on a frequent basis, it would not surprise me if I ended up on some kind of medication because of this 10 to 15 years later give or take a little. So please don't think ill of me for not using any DE, SE or straight razor in my shave of the day posts. And for those wondering, I will be keeping my razors in my collection.

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