Turkish Bath & The 42C:

This morning's shave was pretty good. Today I went with my Omega 10049 Professional boar brush and for today's soap, I went with Jeeves of Hudson Street and their Turkish Bath which has an incredible 1920's barbershop scent with a top note of premium pipe tobacco. And to finish off this shave, I paired it with Stirling Soap's Barbershop scented aftershave splash which adds a little hint of sweetness to the post shave scent:

The 42C was good but far from great this morning. It took the bulk of my beard off this morning but still left a lot behind and after 3 passes, that's unacceptable. In fact I have a rash trying to start as well. I'll be doing a blog post here in a few minutes to explain why I've gone back to cartridges and then all will be made clear. The ONLY thing I'm changing in my wet shave routine is the razor just like everyone else does in their shave of the day photos only it will be with a cartridge razor instead.

Gillette Rubie Plus Review:

Since I decided to go with my Edwin Jagger DE 89 today, I thought I was in for a treat considering that the DE 89 is pretty good on sensiti...