A Classic Returns:

Earlier today, I paid Bath & Body Works visit whom has moved out of the local mall and into a larger location. A lot of good resulted from it because they now carry C.O. Bigelow at this specific location which is cool. Before when they were in the mall, they didn't have it at that location and I was pretty much committed to ordering online. So now I can drive to pick it up instead of ordering it online. This was the travel size tube which will still last quite a while because it doesn't take much. Roughly about the size of an almond give or take:

I didn't pay much for it at all which is really cool. The full size is $10 dollars and the travel size is only $5 dollars. They also had the matching aftershave which I didn't need:

I also just checked the ingredients list and compared it to Proraso green and I can say that they are identical. I was hoping it would be Proraso's old formula instead of their current but you know how that goes. Proraso green was one of the very first creams I ever used with a traditional shaving brush. Even when I was still using Gillette's cartridges back in the day, I stilled picked Proraso green over the Gillette Foamy and Barbasol canned foam. That was the reason behind this purchase.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

This brush has just became my all time favorite shave brush  in my entire collection. The lather this beast builds is unreal and since it&#...