Oil Can = Junk:

There's a really good reason why this oil can is sitting on the micro fiber towel and why it got tossed earlier tonight. This little oil can which I got for $5 U.S. Dollars at Kmart leaks quite a bit. Don't get me wrong it's NOT pouring out but it's more than enough to notice:

I did have a shade under a full bottle but I have lost this much 3 in One oil which thankfully is dirt cheap and I can get here locally at Walmart:

^ If that had been the Norton honing oil which costs about $9 U.S. Dollars + shipping (depending on what size you get of course), upset would be an understatement:

^ Now that I've got my new spray bottle, I am good to go and don't have to buy another container to store oil and/or water in for my stones. And more blog posts are coming along with a major decision which I've been thinking about for quite some time now.

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