Mail Call:

That was fast. Today's mail call is from Maria Arman and her company Through The Fire Fine Craft soaps and everyone of them are amazing. I ordered Power Hammer which has a phenomenal Root beer and Espresso scent with some chocolate notes. The rest are a surprise and everyone of them are excellent. Armada = Vintage Old Spice. Walloon Lake is the For Flint MI scent which is a fresh aquatic type scent and the Bluegrass has a sweet grass and vetiver scent. And the "Play it again Sam" scent has a ginger, lime and tobacco scent which kindly reminds me of a margarita with fresh cut limes in a lot of ways. I can't wait to use these soaps:

And I would love to choke USPS right about now because this is how they treated my package and ugly didn't do it justice either:

Luckily they were not damaged and arrived intact which is a good thing:

Thank you very much Maria Arman. They're simply amazing and I will definitely be ordering some more soaps from you soon. I already know the performance will be excellent.

Mountain Man & The German 37:

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