Meet up is Possible:

Earlier today, I talked to my brother and aparently my dad wasn't completely honest to me about his current health situation. He has told me that on 9/16/2016, he's having a hip replacement surgery and he's also stated that he will try to come up from Florida and visit me within the next few weeks. Well my brother has informed me that they will NOT be doing the surgery until he stops smoking and considering that my brother told both myself and my mom that he goes through cigarettes like a kid goes through candy on Halloween, it's not happening anytime soon:

My brother also has said that when he visits my dad, he smokes even more than normal. 10 cigarettes in a row within an hour during his last visit. For those that don't smoke and don't know how much that is in terms of magnitude, that's half a pack in one hour. And keep in mind that he's smoked for 50 years, and has had half of a lung removed already due to lung cancer which they happened to catch just in time. They've also done put stints in both legs and put him on 2 kinds of blood thinners as a result of him continuing this bad habbit. Basically what I was told is that they can't put him under to do the surgery. And since he's on blood thinners as well, there won't be an epideral because he would bleed to death before they begin. So if I can swing it, I will try to make it to the meet up. I just wish my dad would be straight with me about what's going on. It's very frustrating to say the least. So he left out the "stop smoking" part of that situation.

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