Latha Limon & The DE 89:

This morning's shave was excellent. Good old Barrister & Mann has always delivered a top shelf shave and their "Latha Limon" is no exception. The scent is lemon, orange and rose and you would think that they don't go together, but the orange and rose really make the lemon pop. And I decided to add a bit of a cooling touch and paired it with Aqua Velva classic ice blue aftershave:

The DE 89 with a fresh Astra green blade was exceptional. And here lately, I've been getting better shaves with a DE safety razor than I have with my straight razor. But I've also been showering before shaving for the past week and the shaves have been much better than they normally have in general. But the Edwin Jagger DE 89 has been the best safety razor as of late. I'm also looking at slants and the single edges that use the Feather Artist Club blades too. So my next mail calls will be determined if the Alimigoose is restocked and/or the Hawk by RazoRock is released which I'm on the waiting list for both. PAA has a Bakelite slant coming out sometime this fall and RazoRock currently has a German 37 slant out. I'm "eyeballing" both these razors.

Ike & The 207:

Tonight's shave felt extremely good. Tonight I decided to go with a Skin Bracer  themed shave so I went with Strike Gold Shave  and the...