Pumpkin 3.14 & The Doc:

Fall is basically around the corner and it's one of my favorite seasons especially when it comes to food and beverages. Pretty soon the apple butter kettles will be fired up over an open fire which smells phenomenal and along with that comes pumpkin pies and various other delightful treats. So for my shave this morning, I went with Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement's pumpkin pie scented soap, Pumpkin 3.14 which has an incredible hearty pumpkin pie scent. I also went the their Autumn Factory aftershave splash which has not only a sweet pumpkin custard pie scent but it also has the other elements of fall in there as well as it dries down. You have pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, bright orange leaves. It's like you just finished baking a pumpkin pie and left by an open window to cool on a nice crisp fall day. I'm also looking at getting their Cider House 5 matching set:

The doc did great but it's time to switch the blade out and go back to Feather blades for it. I only performed 2 passes and I did get an excellent shave, but I can tell that I could have gotten away with 2 more passes easy and with my sensitive skin, that would not be a good idea at all. So I will be looking at some other razors and getting a bulk pack of Astra green DE blades. This might become my moustache area only DE razor because it cleans up that area extremely well and unlike other razors including my straight razor, I don't get any tiny little weepers or nicks in that area. Even my Edwin Jagger DE 89 gets me in my moustache area at times. This is the only one that doesn't.

Asian Plum & The 430:

Today's soap and aftershave was phenomenal . Peter Charkalis if you are reading this, you hit a grand slam on this one. Wow what a soap...