C.O. Bigelow Back in Stock:

While I was out today with my mom and my brother who just came in for the weekend from Florida, I paid Bath & Body Works a visit and managed to get a full size tube of C.O. Bigelow and their menthol & eucalyptus scented cream which is the exact same as Proraso green. Not bad for $10.92 and this time it will last much longer than the travel size did:

I did see the hard puck early on this year, but I have NOT seen it since that time and it's been nearly a year now since I have. So I'm guessing that Bath & Body Works has since decided to quit selling the hard soap puck. Now I'm NOT sure if C.O. Bigelow of New York still has the hard puck made for them either. They could have also went strictly towards the shave cream only as well for all I know but I doubt that they did. Either way this stuff is great and will always be in my shave cave. It definitely will be a big help for my sinuses too.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

This brush has just became my all time favorite shave brush  in my entire collection. The lather this beast builds is unreal and since it&#...