Mail Call #2 of 2:

The 2nd mail call for the day is from West Coast Shaving Supplies. Even though I love my Hawk SE razor, I found that the light weight would be an issue especially with my beard. I need that extra weight to plow through my whiskers. So I ordered a new handle for my Black Hawk razor:

I got the monster 175B Midnight Series handle which weighs 7.5 ounces according to their website. So my hawk will now weigh half a pound or 8 ounces ladies and gentlemen:

I can include West Coast Shaving Supplies in the same speed category as both Maria Arman of Through The Fire Fine Craft soaps and Maggard Razors. I ordered both the blades and this handle on 12/9/16 and here I am 3 days later with products in hand:

Here's the new handle next to the original handle that came with the hawk:

I installed a new handle and it has a much more comfortable feel to it:

The shave will tell the story but I can tell that the added weight will make a huge difference. It's not too heavy like you would think and it's more comfortable as well. So the Hawk has been fattened up very nicely and the finish on this handle is perfect. It matches it perfectly. This handle cost me $18.95 shipped and I got free shipping that day with a code. So it's very reasonable.

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