C.O. Bigelow & Gem Micromatic Clog Proof:

Oh wow what a shave. A special thanks to both Marty Pape & Mike Baker for their knowledge and help in blade selection which was the only problem I was having with this incredible razor. Today I needed some sinus relief and I went with C.O. Bigelow and their Menthol & Eucalyptus (Proraso green) scent which was very refreshing. And to finish off this blissful shave, I paired it with Barbasol Brisk which is the icing on the cake in my opinion:

The Gem Micromatic Clog Proof razor with these Gem Blue Star single edge blades was beyond belief. I got an ice rink post shave feel in just 2.5 passes. Think of the close post shave that you get with a Gillette Fusion only with the comfort of a well honed straight razor. More on that in another blog post later on tonight. Wow what a shave. Now I know why people love these razors.

Asian Plum & The 430:

Today's soap and aftershave was phenomenal . Peter Charkalis if you are reading this, you hit a grand slam on this one. Wow what a soap...