Le Petit Chypre & The Hawk:

Today's shave was perfect and nothing short of phenomenal. Good old Barrister & Mann has delivered yet another amazing performance and their Le Petit Chypre scent is simply amazing. The scent it Cypress wood & Oakmoss with a few earthy undertones. To finish off this epic shave, I paired it with the matching witch hazel based aftershave which is very soothing and also has a slight touch of menthol which makes it even more soothing and refreshing:

The hawk was amazing. I got an ice rink type of post shave feel in 2.5 passes which was super comfortable. I will be doing another blog post detailing what I did to get such a comfortable and close shave. Between that and stretching the skin like I do with my straight razor, my beard disappeared rather quickly and I almost couldn't feel the blade. Wow what a shave.

Retiring The Track 2:

This will be breaking a lot of people's hearts, but I'm retiring my 1970 Gillette Track 2  to my collection and will no longer be u...