Fougere' Santal & The Gem SE:

This Christmas Eve shave was amazing. Good old Reef Point Soaps performed exceptionally well tonight after a nice, hot and relaxing shower. I went with their Fougere' Santal which pairs extremely well with the classic Brut aftershave which is what I finished off tonight's shave with:

The Gem SE with a Ted Pella blade was also amazing. I got a 2.5 pass ice rink type of post shave feel. I also stropped these blades and at first, I thought I screwed up the blade but soon realized that I didn't put the blade in correctly. Once I made sure it was in the razor correctly, it shaved like a dream. I'm really loving my Vintage Gem razor.

Gillette Rubie Plus Review:

Since I decided to go with my Edwin Jagger DE 89 today, I thought I was in for a treat considering that the DE 89 is pretty good on sensiti...