A Little Polishing Session:

Earlier today, I bought some Mother's Metal Polish, some red shop rags and a bottle of Witch hazel at Walmart. And I decided to go ahead and polish the 209 up to at least make it look better. So lets get started. I felt like I was wasting some of my time:

This is before I polished it:

First I killed the edge. It wasn't any count anyway and I would have to re hone the razor. More on that in another blog post here in a little bit:

I took a tiny bit of polish and rubbed it onto the razor until it turned black and then I wiped it off and I repeated this 3 times:

After the 3rd time, I grabbed my microfiber towel and wiped it down to give it some shine to it. Out of all the Gold Dollar razors I've owned, this one has been the toughest to hone and maintain:

Thank goodness I have a Vintage coming because this one specific razor simply won't hold an edge. It also won't hardly take an edge either. So here after I post my honing session on it, I'll have to toss it. I hate to do that but hey if won't take an edge or hold one, what choice do I have.

Proraso Green & The Doc:

Today's shave was great. It's also Proraso Friday  over in the How To Grow A Moustache  Google plus community. So while I'm wai...