Vision & The DE 89:

Today's shave was blissful. After a nice and relaxing hot shower, I went with my top shave which is Soap Commander and their Vision scented soap. It has an aqua, amber and mint scent to it. There's no menthol in the soap but there is in the matching aftershave balm which is what I finished the shave off with after applying my usual aftershave splash:

The DE 89 was excellent. The 2nd and 3rd shaves on these Perma-Sharp DE blades are a sweet spot and usually I get away with just 2 passes. Not quite an ice rink, but a nice, close, and comfortable shave which is more than socially acceptable.

Fortitude & The 430:

Today's shave felt extremely good. Today I went with something that I hadn't used in a while and that would be Soap Commander's...