Stropping The Hawk:

After this morning's rough shave, I decided to try something out to fix it. With a straight razor, you can always strop it to keep the edge going. Stropping basically re aligns the edge back to some what where it was and it also cleans the edge as well. So I decided to try stropping the hawk. Normally I wouldn't do this with a disposable blade shaving system because I personally think it's kindly counter productive unless you are still using cartridges (turns and gags), which some people still do:

I only used the smooth leather side of my strop and like I do before stropping a straight razor, I rubbed the smooth leather down until it felt extremely warm to the touch:

Next going in the opposite direction that you shave, you push the razor with the blade in it away from you 5 times in that one direction. Then you turn the razor around and repeat in the opposite direction that you see below for 5 more times. You should be fine with just doing 10 stropping strokes total. I'm pretty sure this will work, but if it doesn't I can always put a new blade in the razor and yes this will work with cartridges as well:

As I stated a moment ago, this will work with cartridges as well and I've had some people swear that this keeps they Gillette Fusion Proglide carts going for long periods of time. They often recommend an old pair of blue jeans to strop their cartridges with which I can see those guys doing because the carts cost nearly as much as my strop does when you get them in bulk at places like Sam's Club and Costco which I personally think is ridiculous. I will let you guys know tomorrow how it turned out.

Proraso Green & The Doc:

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