Deep Frying A Turkey 101:

It's kindly rare when I do a blog post that's not shave related but I figured why not since we are close to Thanksgiving day which is this coming Thursday. So lets get started. I first went with the kit that you see in Walmart here's the link to it: . I still have everything in this specific kit except for the burner which was junk. It lasted just long enough to cook 1 turkey and that was it. So I went looking on the Internet and got this specific burner which has lasted for several years now. Here's the link: . The 20 pound Propane tanks will work until you start getting close to the maximum weight. So I went to a local Tractor Supply store and bought a 40 pound propane cylinder. It hasn't ran out in 2 years while my small 20 pound tank that's now on my gas grill has while cooking a turkey. So it's best to go with a 30 or 40 pound propane tank instead of the 20 pound gas grill models you see:

You will need 3 gallons of oil max. Even though this specific kit has a maximum fill line, DO NOT fill to that line and I will tell you why. Last year I had a really nasty and scary boil over and if I had not kept an eye on my oil temperature, I would have been one of the many statistics that occur every year on Thanksgiving. So for safety purposes, all you need is 3 gallons of oil maximum. Plus retailers make it really easy. That's why you see these 3 gallon oil containers at Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco and many different super markets across the U.S. They have basically done the measuring for you. This year for us it's vegetable oil:

The instructions are stupid easy and engraved on the lid of the pot that comes in the kit. You have to keep an eye on it because the oil has to be kept between 325 and 350 degrees F. There are some oils you can get that have a high smoke temperature with Peanut Oil being the highest at 425 degrees F., but that's too high and would burn the turkey. So please follow the instructions exactly and you will be fine. To calulate how long you need to fry the turkey until it's fully cooked, you simply multiply the turkey weight by 3.5 minutes per pound. For example: if your turkey weighs 12 pounds that will be 12 X 3.5 = 42. That means it will take 42 minutes to fully cook the turkey:

As I mentioned earlier, my kit has a maximum fill line, and you NEVER fill it to this line either. Also my specific kit will only cook up to an 18 pound turkey. But since it's just myself and my mom here, we don't need a turkey that big. The 12 pound size would be all that we would need:

I also must mention that you can NOT stuff the turkey before frying. We've tried it and it didn't stay in place. It floated to the top and made a huge mess. I also tend to cook a sweet onion to flavor the oil before I cook the turkey. This year I will making some home made onion rings that we will tear into while we're cooking the turkey as an appetizer if you will. The end result is definitely worth it. You won't go back to an oven baked turkey once you've had deep fried turkey.

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