Armada & The DE 89:

Today is Tuesday which means that Through The Fire Fine Craft by Maria Arman gets used. And for today I went with her Armada scented soap which is a Vintage Old Spice scent. I also paired it with my 2002 edition of my Old Spice aftershave splash and I finished it off with Soap Commander's "Endurance" which is also a Vintage Old Spice scent:

The DE 89 was perfect today especially after a hot shower. I got a squeaky clean post shave in just 3 passes and I got almost no burn from the aftershave splash which is a good thing. I'm still considering getting a slant but next pay day I will be looking at some new blades for the hawk and a new and much heavier handle for the hawk. More on that in another blog post.

Mountain Man & The Black Diamond:

Today's shave was phenomenal. I got to craving a cologne scent so I went with Stirling Soaps  and their classic Mountain Man  scent whi...