Turkey Frying Set Up:

Well I'm ready to deep fry a turkey tomorrow. Everything has been cleaned up and is ready to go and the turkey is still thawing out as we speak. So now that I'm set up, I thought I would do a blog post with some details. Here's the 30 quart pot, 14 inch burner which I got from a home brew supply store and my 40 pound propane cylinder which I got at Tractor Supply:

Your turkey goes on this hook and you can see my turkey in the background thawing out in the sink with some warm water. I went with an 11.77 pound Butterball turkey and it's going to take 41 minutes and 20 seconds to be fully cooked:

Here's the thermometer that came in my kit which is inserted in the lid. I've got the red marker set to between 325 and 350 degrees F. That way I can just glance at it to see if I need to turn my propane on or off to maintain that temperature. Oh before I forget remove the plastic pop up timer and all other items such as the ring around the neck before cooking :

This specific item is what you use to raise and lower the turkey into the oil. The smaller hook goes into the top of the turkey holder I posted earlier:

I hope that this helps someone out who wishes to deep fry a turkey which is extremely delicious, moist and juicy and only takes a short time versus spending all day oven roasting a turkey and the bird being dry and a little rough. I've NOT went back to oven roasted turkey since I've had deep fried turkey nor do I plan on it anytime soon.

Fortitude & The 430:

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