209 = Rehoned:

Okay lets try my old method this time around along with my entire progression of stones. My old method uses 40/40, 20/20, 10/10, 5/5 seconds on each side followed by 10 round trips to clean up the edge. And this time I used a 45 degree angle due to the fact that was the way the person I bought it from honed it who will remain nameless and I'll leave it at that. I also did 3 sessions on the 12K at the same angle with a bit of slurry dilution between each one:

After that I did my usual full stropping routine of 10 round trips on the nylon webbing, 20 round trips on the scrub leather and 40 round trips on the smooth leather:

Tomorrow's shave should say how I did on the honing session and it's looking like the 12K will be used strictly as a finisher only. I'll know for sure as I use the 12K stone more.

Honing Time! Vintage Razors Only:

After shaving with my new Gold Dollar 200, I decided to take my Vintage razors  to the stones. No need to mess with the Gold Dollar 200, it...