Fougere Santal & The Doc:

Today's shave was phenomenal. Good old Reef Point Soaps always delivers top shelf performance and this Fougere Santal scent is incredible. And to finish off the shave, I showered and then applied it with Brut aftershave splash which was the icing on the cake:

I also tried something a little bit different with the doc today and it paid off too. Normally I don't start buffing until the 2nd and final passes. This time I started buffing on the 1st pass and it pretty much got everything in just 2 passes. But from where I got so close with my straight razor yesterday, my beard wasn't quite as thick as it was yesterday. That will change tomorrow since I didn't go for BBS. I also must tell you guys that I got a phone call from the local cancer center Friday evening and it wasn't good. They want me to come back in 2 weeks for more blood work. They said that my LDH levels was elevated and given my history, they don't want to take any chances. If it's still elevated in 2 weeks, they'll be running some scans to see what's going on. I'll ask them to perform an MRI.

Ike & The Doc:

Today's shave was extremely nice & refreshing. Today I went with Strike Gold Shave  & their fabulous "Ike"  scented s...