My Trucking Diplomas:

I just got through watching a couple of Guy Solice's videos of The Gentleman's Edge and seen that he had just finished truck driving school and just received his Class A CDL, so congrats Guy. You are in for some crazy times out there so please be safe and enjoy yourself. First up my old CDL itself which expired in 2012 due to a new medical exam law change which will be explained below:

I worked hard for this diploma and it took 26 days and 8 hours a day to get it:

I got to thinking at how long it had been and couldn't hardly believe it until I looked but next April will make 15 years since I finished it:

200 long hours to finish training but it was fun:

Got this one the same day I finished:

I've still got a few of my log books out in storage with some of my other records out there but my last driving job was at FedEx Custom Critical. On January 30th, 2012 the federal D.O.T. medical law was changed which was just before my bout with cancer which crippled me for life. In the old days before this date, I could keep my CDL as long as I didn't drive for anyone and if I wanted to drive again, the company I would be driving for would pick up the tab for the medical examiner's certificate which runs about $200+ Dollars. Unfortunately due to my health, I had to surrender my CDL because there was no way I could pass the D.O.T. physical. Not only that but from where I had been out of the truck too long, I would have to spend roughly around $1K plus for a refresher course. The current medical law prevents me from getting a Class A CDL again because it's now mandatory to have the physical renewed every 2 years to keep the CDL unless you met all the criteria to be exempt to this here in my state which I don't. But any way I thought I would share this with the public. I'm now on disability and have been re evaluated and have kept my benefits so I'm more than certain that I can't pass the medical exam required to get it.

Ike & The Doc:

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