WTF Samples Are in:

Today's mail call is from WTF Wet The Face online store and they're awesome! This is the new sample pack available at the WTF online store which cost me $9.95 shipped and all of them are excellent scents. I love all of these scents:

I also loved the logo on the back of the envelope as well:

the letter is an awesome touch:

These scoops also came with the samples and I can definitely use them with my other soaps when I want to get them dialed in or if I'm in a pass around:

This one was my favorite hands down. If you like the sweet tobacco scents that are authentic, then this one is your soap, wow:

This was one of the fastest mail calls I've ever seen. No sooner than I ordered it, I got an email 5 minutes later saying that it had shipped. I'm extremely pleased with it.

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