Rockwell Blades Final Thoughts:

Well ladies and gentlemen, the verdict is in and it's not good at all for Rockwell's blades. In the doc, they did really well on the first shave but I felt that performance fell off rather quickly which you could tell with the 2nd pass. I was hoping that these would get better once I moved to a more aggressive razor but I was sadly disappointed:

The 1st pass was bad because my lather dissipated on me so I reloaded the brush and went at it again. The 2nd pass was much better, but the razor really struggled to go through my beard and I had some really ultra thick and slick lather for the 2nd pass. I did just half of a pass on my neck area afterwards and it tugged and pulled something fierce too. I've never had a blade fall in the performance area that fast before. They were either bad from the first pass and either got better or worse. Or they were good and fell with each shave afterwards. And these didn't fully remove my beard either. So Rockwell blades are out for me. It's a shame too because these blades were extremely cheap.

Mountain Man & The Black Diamond:

Today's shave was phenomenal. I got to craving a cologne scent so I went with Stirling Soaps  and their classic Mountain Man  scent whi...