New Top Blade Choices:

Well I now have a new top DE blade choice in terms of both beard removable and comfort. My personal favorite is the Polsilver blades period. But the Astra greens are still going to be used and are still a good choice:

In terms longevity and comfort I like the Astra Greens in the doc better than I do the Feathers which is what these are going to be used in, the doc:

Here's the winning combo that sold me on these Polsilver blades:

^ Good luck finding a more comfortable and effective blade than these in any razor. The only ones that even come close is the Perma-Sharps but they're not quite on the level as the Polsilvers are in terms of comfort. So I will be getting a bulk pack of these Polsilver blades.

Proraso Green & The Shield:

Man oh man that shave was excellent. After a nice, hot and relaxing shower, I went with a modern day classic, Proraso Green  which has an i...