Mail Call #1 of 3:

Today's mail call is from Amazon and I am extremely pleased with it. I got a credit card increase this past Monday and decided to go ahead and get me some blades for my new razor and a brand new Shapton M5 12,000 grit water stone to finish razors on. So lets get started:

A little weird that they would arrive in different packages at the same time so that tells me this specific mail call came from 2 different distribution centers which usually arrive at separate times. My water stone was scheduled to arrive Saturday and the Feather Pro blade was set to arrive tomorrow but I'm glad they both arrived early which is always a plus:

It's been a really tong time since I've seen these sharp beauties. I used to have the Feather Artist Club Japanese non folding shavette 3 years ago and these blades were awesome and lasted forever. Too bad I could never master the shavette. In fact the Super Pros gave me a scar with it 3 years ago that's even with my left sideburn but I knew I would love these blades because they last. A friend of mine got 20 shaves on one blade in his mongoose razor before switching it out for a new blade. I'll have to see how many I get when my Hawk gets here:

I love the Shapton logo:

Here's the only thing that tells me what it is that I don't need to translate:

The case doubles as a stone and yes the glass stones do fit for those whom are wondering:

The Shapton logo is embossed into the case itself:

They also inform you which side to use in english which is awesome:

Here's my new finishing set up which will be used here shortly:

This stone is a "splash and go" which is cool. I usually like to dunk mine in water or use my kitchen sink faucet if I'm at home but if I'm on the go, a spray bottle will be fine:

Here's the rest of the instructions that came with it:

They also recommended the Shapton lapping disc which I call a slurry stone. I'll probably end up getting it next pay day along with a Naniwa Traditional 1K water stone and a .5 chromium oxide crayon from Straight Razor Designs:

Here's the colorful sleeve that was wrapped around the case:

I couldn't be happier with this mail call and I'm looking forward to the next 2 that I have coming in. So after I get through sharing this, I'll be doing an impromptu but needed honing session here in a bit with my 209 straight razor.

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