C.O. Bigelow & The DE 89:

This morning's shave was great. C.O. Bigelow and their Menthol & Eucalyptus scented cream was awesome and very refreshing this morning which I need to stock up on here pretty soon. And to finish it off, I paired with Skin Bracer to add an extra cooling effect:

The DE 89 with an Astra green blade is my "go to" razor and blade combo at the moment, but I do have a new razor and some blades coming. I just got word that the RazoRock black hawk has shipped which I'm looking forward to using. My shave was rushed a little bit this morning because I had a doctor's appointment this morning. It went extremely well apart from where they got a little bit rough doing the blood work this morning:

My blood pressure was 129 over 73, all of my blood cell counts were normal, my oxygen level was 97 and my blood sugar was around 98 give or take a couple of points and I weigh 248 pounds. She said everything was looking really good and that not all of the results had come in just yet:

^ I go back in March which is about 6 months from now and after that I will be getting moved to once a year and with them alternating with UVA and Dr. Domson's visits, I'll be getting checked out by someone every 6 months. So I don't have to get "stuck" but once a year now.

Asian Plum & The 430:

Today's soap and aftershave was phenomenal . Peter Charkalis if you are reading this, you hit a grand slam on this one. Wow what a soap...