Blackhawk's Maiden Flight:

I must say that RazoRock's Black Hawk is an awesome razor. Think of a woman's little black evening dress that's extremely sexy and better looking in person than you ever thought. It's light weight and very sleek looking and loading a blade into it is stupid easy:

The 1st past removed quite a bit of my beard with no issues and I could feel the blade but it wasn't scary and it was extremely comfortable. Another thing that I noticed is that it was extremely easy to find the correct angle with this razor. The 2nd pass pretty much removed the rest of my beard with exception to my trouble spots. The 3rd pass took care of my usual trouble spots. Now I can see why people like these blades and these types of razors. Wow what a first shave. The next step is to see how many shaves I can get out of a blade and to try the other blades with this razor.

Ike & The Doc:

Today's shave was extremely nice & refreshing. Today I went with Strike Gold Shave  & their fabulous "Ike"  scented s...