Le Petit Chypre & The 209:

This morning's shave was blissful. After a nice hot shower, I went with Barrister & Mann and their Le Petit Chypre set which has a Cypress wood scent:

The 209 was okay but definitely can use a touch up. While they are affordable and can take a great edge, they simply don't hold an edge as long as the premium and vintage razors due to the type of steel used. Plus the premium and vintage razors usually have a much thinner blade and already have 90% of the work done for you in terms of honing. Plus I have decided to keep doing "shave of the day" blog posts. The reason being is because in less than 2 minutes, I can share this with 5 groups & 4 G+ communities and Twitter and I only have to upload the photo twice.

#5 of 2017:

Well all good things must come to an end. Say hello to my 5th soap that I've finished off in 2017. This one was really good and I'm...