Mail Call!

Today's mail call is from Amazon and it's awesome. My Colonel Conk Gillette Trac 2 razor has arrived. I'll do a detailed piece on this later:

It did come with 1 Trac 2 cartridge which puts my total to 20 cartridges in all. The weight on this thing is excellent. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I like heavy razors:

I suspected that it was made in China but this time it's Taiwan:

Amazon doesn't always win awards for their packaging but I'm cool with it because it's 1 day early which is always a good thing:

I'm very pleased with this mail call and couldn't be happier. I also found some Personna blades for this beast that are as cheap if not cheaper than DE blades which is really cool. 100 Trac 2 carts for $14 dollars plus shipping on Amazon. At least I think that's where I saw it.

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