New Blades Are In:

Today I got a pleasant surprise in the mail so I went ahead and bought some blades at Walmart today along with a plain old Fusion handle which fits the new Proshields as well as the Proglides. All of these cost me exactly $42.03 U.S. Dollars at a local Walmart but I got a grand total of 19 blades counting the ones I had left over so it's really not bad at all. I'm really glad to get rid of the Dyson Ball handle for sure. It made for an interesting situation when it came to stropping:

The Mach 3's & Proglides are almost the same price now thanks to the new Proshields being released. 5 Mach 3 cartridges only cost $9.97 U.S. Dollars and I'll get roughly about 30 shaves out of these. So that puts my costs right at $.33 cents per shave. That's actually lower than some of the shaves that I got with my DE safety razors: 

The Proglides will cost you a shade more due to the fact that you can only get 4 per pack when you buy the small refill pack. I put it at roughly about $.40 cents per shave. The reason I don't know the exact cost is because I only bought a handle that came with 2 Proglide carts and I also have no clue as to how many shaves I can get with one Proglide cartridge. Plus there's also a good chance that they changed the type of edge that they put on the Proglides now. It has been that long since I've used a Proglide cartridge:

These right here wasn't too bad at all. 10 cartridges for $19.97 U.S. Dollars. If I can get a lot of shaves out of 1 of these cartridges, then there's a 90% chance that I won't have to buy blades for the rest of the year. The difference between the Plus & regular is that the Plus has a lubrication strip while the regular version doesn't have one:

These are now made in Poland :

^ There's another alternative to these blades and that is Personna. I seen that you can get 100 of these Personna track 2 carts for about $15 U.S. Dollars plus shipping. So there are alternatives out that can save you some money when it comes to cartridge shaving. Specifically with these Track 2 & Atra cartridges. And Personna is made right here in the U.S. specifically my home state of Virginia. I'm debating on whether or not to try Schick's cartridges because they're significantly much higher than Gillette's products are. The Hydro 5 that they offer is nearly $26 U.S. Dollars for a small refill pack of 4 blades which is unacceptable.

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